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Butyldiglycol is a slow-evaporating hydrophilic glycol ether with excellent binding capacity. Butylcarbitol (butyldiglycol) can be considered an analogue of butylcellosolve, but the evaporation rate of butylcarbitol is lower. It can be used in combination with butylcellosolve to reduce the rate of evaporation of the latter and increase the hydrophobicity of the solvent mixture. Due to its low volatility, Butylcarbitol (butyldiglycol) is widely used as an additive to improve spreading in hot drying coatings, for example, in composite formulations based on urea, melamine, phenol or epoxy resin. An addition of 1-3% is sufficient to significantly improve alignment, but roll coatings require a higher concentration. Butylcarbitol (butyldiglycol) can be used for the same purpose in cellulose nitrate hot drying coatings. It reduces bubble and improves alignment.

Butylcarbitol (butyldiglycol) is completely soluble in water. Miscible with many common solvents such as alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, esters, glycols, glycol esters and water. Aliphatic hydrocarbons dissolve poorly. When in contact with air oxygen, the product can form peroxides.

It has the chemical properties of alcohols and ethers. Reacts with alkali metals, forming corresponding salts. The hydroxyl group of butylcarbitol can be esterified with carboxylic and inorganic acids. Butylcarbitol can be subjected to further oxyethylation (interaction with ethylene oxide), resulting in the formation of butyl ethers of higher polyethylene glycols.


– Coupling agent and solvent in industrial and household cleaners, rust removers, metal cleaners and heavily soiled surfaces, disinfectants.

-Coalescent for water-soluble construction and industrial coatings, for latex adhesives.

-Effective coalescent for reducing the minimum temperature of film formation in water-based latex coatings.

-Primary solvent in organo-soluble printing inks.

– Coupling agent for resins and dyes in water-soluble printing inks.

– Deactivator, stabilizer for pesticides.


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