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Industrial production is produced in powder form or in the form of granules. Upon contact with air, the crystals melt because they interact with carbon dioxide and moisture. Sodium hydroxide enters into a very violent exothermic reaction with water, forming a strongly alkaline solution. It is also well soluble in glycerol, methyl and ethyl alcohols and not at all soluble in organic substances: acetone and diethyl ether. Sodium alkali is a very reactive substance that actively reacts with acids, including organic acids (for example, acetic acid), oxides, salts, metals and non-metals, halogens, ethers, amides, polyatomic alcohols. When interacting with metals that have a high electrochemical potential (aluminum, zinc, titanium) in the presence of water, the metals displace hydrogen. Sodium hydroxide has a corrosive effect on aluminum alloys, carbon steel and other metals.


Use in industry

pulp and paper industry: production of paper, cardboard, fiberboard;

textile industry: bleaching of fabrics, linen; silk production;

oil refining industry: purification of oil, oil products; production of biodiesel fuel;

chemical industry: production of cleaning products, neutralization of acids, production of oils; catalyst in chemical reactions;

construction: production of aerated concrete, strengthening of the foundation of the building;

agriculture: fertilizers; in the fight against parasites and fungal plant diseases;

animal husbandry: disinfection of livestock complexes;

fish farming: disinfection of ponds;

perfumery and cosmetic industry: production of soap, shampoo, cream;

pharmaceutical industry: – preparation of chloramine antiseptic;

food industry: production of ice cream, chocolate, various beverages; as a food additive E524; equipment cleaning;

energy industry: alkaline batteries (as electrolyte);

photo: as part of the developer;

water treatment: neutralization of acids and their oxides in water.

Household use

disinfection of premises;

washing of clogged sewer pipes, heating systems;

cleaning of tiles, dishes (except aluminum, Teflon).


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