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Glycerin is a colorless viscous substance that is extracted from vegetable fats or by chemical synthesis. This supplement has a sweet taste and a faint smell. Glycerin was discovered by the Swedish chemist Karl Schele in 1779, but the substance received its name later, thanks to the French scientist Chevrel in 1811, who developed the first method of artificially obtaining glycerin and launched the mass production of the additive.

The study of glycerin made it possible to identify the following useful properties of the substance:

– Active moisturizing of skin, hair, nails;

– tissue regeneration and healing;

– slowing down the processes of skin aging and the formation of wrinkles;

– removal of toxins, harmful substances, subcutaneous fat and dirt;

– antiseptic action

– protective action.


Glycerin is actively used in the production of cosmetic products and household chemicals. It can be found in hand, face and body creams, lotions, hand soap, shower gels, shampoos, emulsions, hair masks.

Also, glycerin is used in food production, where it acts as a stabilizer and allows you to extend the shelf life of the product. This additive is used in the production of confectionery, bakery products, alcoholic beverages, lemonades and juices. Glycerin, due to its sweet taste, is also used in products for diabetics.

In addition, glycerin is actively used in the following industries:

– tobacco production – to regulate the humidity of tobacco;

– Agriculture – for processing finished products;

– Textile production – to give fabrics softness;

– paper production – in the production of napkins, parchments, tracing paper;

– printing production – in printing houses when working with paints;

– Military production – in the production of gunpowder and dynamite;

– pharmaceutical production – in drugs with a weakening effect, as well as in

drugs to reduce intracranial pressure.


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