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Methoxypropanol is a clean, hygroscopic liquid with a mild, alcoholic odor. Miscible with water and many organic solvents having ether and alcohol groups. Due to the presence of carboxyl and hydroxyl groups, methoxypropanol has a good solubility for most materials used in the production of paints, resins, binders, etc. It has the typical properties of ether and alcohol. For example, to react with acids (or ethers), oxidizing agents (to form the corresponding ketones or carboxylic acids), alkali metals (to form alcoholates) or aldehydes (to form acetals). Methoxypropanol is able to form peroxides with air oxygen.


Methoxypropanol is used as a solvent for printing inks: it provides good solubility for a wide range of resins, including acrylic, epoxy, alkyd, polyester, nitrocellulose and polyurethane. Good binding ability is also a positive property for forming a coating. The advantage of using methoxypropanol is low toxicity. Reduced surface tension and good evaporation are some of the benefits of using methoxypropanol. These properties make it possible to use this substance to dissolve polar and non-polar materials. Combination with other solvents.

Methoxypropanol, as already mentioned above, can be used in combination with other P-series solvents (glycol ethers) and expands the scope of their application. Methoxypropanol has a very low primary alcohol content below 2%. Primary alcohol is much more active than secondary alcohol. The low content of primary alcohol minimizes chemical reactions with the substance being dissolved. In addition to the above, methoxypropanol can be used in cleaning, and removing smudges and masks. Methoxypropanol is also used in the agricultural, cosmetic, and printing industries as a retarder for printing on fabric and polymer products with alcohol-soluble inks.


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